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Approaching online reputation build and repair.

Online reputation managementThere is only request that crosses my email inbox more often than the desire to be on the first page
Google.That is NOT to be on the first page of Google.

These requests come from small businesses and large businesses alike, seeking to resolve a problem with search results that return negativve reviews. Then there are individuals that have been caught up in some sort of media storm and are unable to move on with their lives quietly and discreetly.

There is also another category of client. Those with virtually no digital footprint. These clients are usually older than forty five, lack computer literacy and have only recently experienced changes in their lives that require an online visibility, often involving the need to find employment. Some of these people fall into another subcategory where they are attempting to become self employed and develop an online presence for their business.

Reputation build or repair is very similar, with the exception that repair often means also reducing or removing visibility of an offending digital item, often either a review, series of reviews or media assets such as newspaper articles.

While reducing or removing the visibility of an offending item involves a substantially labour intensive operation, written content is much easier to tackle than video or image content and when combined a multi faceted strategy has to be developed. This strategy has to take into consideration the ever changing algorithms implemented by Google - Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird.

What also has to be borne in mind is that strategies that are relevant now, may not be in a short few weeks or months. This is one of the reasons why a DIY job is often not the way to go. While it may be expensive to emply an expert, it will become infinitely more expensive to get an expert to undo your mistakes and then redo the job from scratch.

There are a number of stages involved in either developing an online presence from scratch or as in my speciality overwriting one that is damaged.

While an intensive PPC campaign can temporarily cover an online reputation issue this optimisation is paid and will only be effective as long as the client continues to fund a PPC campaign. In some instances it is helpful to build an organic presence parallel to a PPC campaign so that once the Paid campaign is withdrawn, there are sufficient organic assets to mitigate the SERPS that will appear. The latter strategy works well to hide the undesirable content while the organic material develops and grows.

The team at Brayve believe in a comprehensive organic approach, which may or may not require a concurrent paid campaign. The urgency of the desired outcome usually determines the cost impact.
The objective should always be that once the paid campaigns end, the web assets provide a long term organic reach that continues to present a positive visibility for the client.

Ruth Richards-Hill

Ruth Richards-Hill

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