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Job hunting woes? Is Social Media killing your Career?

If you've been trying to change job, or get a job for a while and have submitted endless CVs; and
seem unable to even make interview or a shortlist.
You know that you have the requisite qualifications and experience, an excellent employer reference, yet you simply cannot make it to the interview or shortlisting stage,

Most jobseekers are unaware that almost 90% of recruiters now count the online search as more critical than the reference. What you say about yourself counts a whole lot more than a formal reference requirement.

That drink and drug fuelled weekend that you called in sick on the Monday? Well unless you know how to control the visibility of your private life, it'll cost you the next step up the corporate ladder.

The problem that many experience is in fact that those that shut down their profiles entirely, also raise suspicion so if youre searched on facebook and all that pops up is your name - the recruiters wonder what youre hiding.

This doesnt only apply to Facebook. This applies to Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

At Brayve we run a one day seminar that not only provides the skills on how to keep your personal life private, but also to develop online profiles that make you visible in a positive light that will make a potential employer sit up and take notice.

When youre competing for that job, you want to be noticed. In a way that makes your competition look weaker.

Our one day Seminar that not only helps you to hide the undesirable information that can be scraped up by an unwanted Google search, but we also teach the skills needed to create professional profiles that provide the edge on competitors in the job market.

If you want that job and are really struggling - could it be that your online profiles reveal too much, or possibly the reverse...simply not enough?

For a limited time period Summer Promotion we are running our Seminar at half price in Glasgow, London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh.

£75, includes your seminar materials and free teas, coffee and soft drinks provided.

Contact us on 07480954036 or contact

alternatively sign up online now by clicking here

Ruthie Richards-Hill

Ruthie Richards-Hill

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    You can get all the training you need in quick and easy 3 day training program and then you can begin work right away. These types of jobs are called social media jobs and they are fast becoming one of the hottest employment trends in the world.


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