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What are your Digital Assets?

Digital assetsWhen we speak to clients about their digital assets, they assume that we are referring to their website.
While it is true that your website is a digital asset, it should be only one of many that are utilised to enhance your digital presence online.

Online and digital assets are places on the web that belong to you in exclusivity. That means your domain where a website is hosted, your personal/business Facebook profile, your twitter account are all web assets.

Websites and domains

URLs and domains

When creating an online presence it is critical that your domain serves one of two purposes and where possible both. It should contain your identity and/or your activity. I also recommend registering multiple top level domains (TLDs) that describe your brand as it will prevent intellectual property battles at a later stage. You actually never own the domain, but rather the registration of the domain and all domain property is actually controlled by ICANN. Domain registration is relativity inexpensive.

Web Hosting

Once you've chosen a name and started to develop a brand identity, your website will become a core part of how that identity is represented to your potential customer base. I have seen many people oversold in terms of their web hosting needs and others completely undersold. When a business is experiencing rapid growth then I would recommend that the contract is renewable annually, always reviewed before annual renewal and should offer more rather than exactly what you think you're going to need. An added bonus for start ups is that often a new contract will also offer at least one free domain registration.


The word platform can refer to multiple references, however in this context it refers to the software that has been used to build your website. While all websites contain HTML, even the HTML is used within a framework usually one that makes up whats called a CMS or Content Management System. The most common CMS available is called WordPress, there are however others such as Joomla, Drupal and Typo3. These enable backend logins for non prorgrammers to make changes to their websites without having to read code. I would still offer a word of caution as I have had several customers with WordPress sites call me up for rescue because they have accidentally pressed a button and deleted their site.

Free Site building

For start ups with very low budgets, a free site building solution may appear to be the answer. I would again raise a word of caution. When the site can be downloaded and duplicated on a hosted server such as with WordPress, then this is not a bad option especially when the business is still in the early R&D phase. There are a number of free site building options such as Wix, Webs, Weebly and of course Google sites. It is also important to remember that none of the free sites will enable the enhanced properties that a rapidly growing business may need to access as it develops. Nevertheless sites such as blogger and WordPress enable a secondary asset such as blog that feeds traffic to the main site and can help to enhance SEO with correctly placed backlinking.


Whether you have a bricks and mortar shop or sell someone else's products as an affiliate marketer your ecommerce solution is one of the most important digital assets that you will ever own. The security of your server, how details are handled and the solution that you choose will determine how smoothly this asset works for you. be sure when choosing a solution that it will be able to handle high levels of traffic during any intensive marketing campaign.

Social Media


Facebook is probably your most valuable piece of digital real estate. You dot have to have many followers, for it show up on the first page of Google provided it is being curated elsewhere. However with a growing following , the opportunity to engage will grow the number of end objective conversions. Make sure that you control your Facebook page. You Admins have to absolutely trustworthy and when you use an agency be sure that someone on your business end is also an administrator.


Similar to Facebook, Twitter is an extremely valuable piece of cyberspace real estate and is an outreach tool that Facebook doesn't equate with. On Facebook you usually engage with people that you already know. Twitter makes it possible to reach out to thousands of people that you don't know and engage with them at will. It is however very important to remember that once its out there, you cant get it back, so use Twitter using common sense.


Pinterest is known as the women's platform. It is also an effective way to drive traffic to your site and to share other assets such as images and documents that will engage others to entice them to your ecommerce platform. Regular original content will fuel a visibility that is difficult for competitors to dampen

Aggregators and Curation is the staff favourite aggregator at Brayve. With topics visible on Google search within days, and an easy to organise curation system it would be sheer ignorance not to try it out. All the curation and aggregation tools have high ranking domains, so having an account on them provides backlinks that raise the visibility of your site exponentially. Remember to curate links from your own site and blog as well as from others, providing a good mix, shows Google that you are not a spammer and have authority in your field. All essential SEO ingredients.


Digg being an underutilised bookmarking site, is an absolute gem. Don't forget that you need to be logged in and then to scroll to the bottom of the page to submit a link. Once you are blogging daily, submitting to Digg and the other sites mentioned in this section will over time increase the traffic to your URL.


Delicious is often forgotten when considering bookmarking and aggregating, but if the big guy like the BBC are still using it, it must be top notch. We have certainly noted it as a traffic source within a week of submissions and these have been completely new brand projects.


Even if you don't like forums; Reddit is a platform that you cannot afford not to engage on. Finding the right subreddit will increase your visibility and visitor engagement particularly at the early stages and in a way that will only enhance your growth. Just remember that the groups can be sensitive so engage rather than spam and you'll find that it's really useful.

However there are other different types of web assets too.


Your content is a web asset and it may be distributed on web pages, blogs and social media channels. There are several different types of content and I'm going to to define specific forms on content.Remember rather than duplicating the content, embed it by linking, This way the search engine algorithms know the content is linked rather than reproduced. Properly linked content is recognised as having value rather than duplicated content which is treated as plagiarism. There will be another article on overcoming this issue.


All your copy or web copy is your copyright. make sure of that especially when you pay external copywriters.Your web copy should be original and written in one tense only. Unlike this article which is quite long, three hundred to six hundred and fifty words is a good average length. The average internet surfer has a short attention span and as soon as you start publishing long posts and articles, your traffic will begin to bounce. Good copy is usually accompanied by images and/or video.


The aforementioned short attention span is extremely relevant in the high speed world that we live in today. For this reason images have become the essential additional ingredient as they convey a message far quicker than a carefully worded paragraph, provided that they are well placed. Remember that images are just photos, they can also be slides, memes, cartoons and infographics,


Where images provide a quick and useful source of relevant information, video has become the preferred medium to access information really quickly. It is easily optimised and when edited and curated effectively can go viral easily. Investing in some basic video software will make your branding project go a whole lot further.


While reading this article, I expect that at least some of my readers will think, well if everyone is creating all this content how am I going to stand out? The real answer is in creating a system, using all of the mentioned assets, rather than simply a few and then doing something that will really make you stand out. When I mention interactive, I mean quizzes, polls, games and offers.



As soon as you've been around for a while, its time to publish. When we manage a clients assets from new, it will usually take between three and six months. Ebooks can be published to deliver a monetising strategy or build a mailing list. The value of properly created and published eBooks is that provided they are available on platforms such as Lulu and Amazon, they will also generate an income, although we encourage a marketing strategy that provides them free for a while.


Newsletters and mailing lists go hand in hand, and are critical to the long term marketing plan. These create a continuity of visibility with the visiotrs that visit your site, engage with your other digital assets and reach the conversion objective. The mailing list is the one asset that enables you to grow your visibility with those that already purchase your products, or read your correspondence. I anything provides opportunities online it is the confirmed subscribers to your mailing list. never overlook this opportunity. All the successful marketers have mailing lists.

If you would like a visibility and reputation consultation you contact us by calling our business team on 0141 959 3767 or on our mobile 07511 991996, alternatively you can make an enquiry on our contact page by clicking here.
Ruth Richards-Hill

Ruth Richards-Hill

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