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What is Your Social media manager worth?

Questions from clients are on the whole very welcome, but some certainly are not. I have from time to time been asked - "I need 5000 organic likes on my Facebook page - how do you do it?"

Cost of a social media manager
Do you ask a mechanic how he changes the oil on your car, or an electrician exactly how he wired your kitchen lights? These are both relatively simple tasks, but with practice the skill means that they can be done quickly and cost effectively. Anyone can learn to do either of these tasks, it is however the background knowledge that comes with them that makes leaving them to the master important.

If I told all my clients exactly how I secure organic reach, they would try to do it themselves. While changing the oil on a car appears to be a simple process, an amateur may overlook a broken seal that could aggravate an oil leak. In the same way, the methods used for building quality organic likes from an audience that is likely to continue interacting is a lot more than a simple like for like process. It involves offering quality content, managing the the SEO and other SMO platforms and needs to be part of an integrated strategic plan.

So if you think seven pounds an hour is good value or twenty dollars for a thousand likes is just the right thing for your budget - think again.

In a very similar way to the methods of yore used to place you on the first page of Google are outdated and in fact dangerous for your SEO, so are the quick fixes for thousands of likes of followers. The search engines pick up this activity and quite literally blacklist them, This is why you need a professional with holistic experience to manage the task. You may otherwise find that the cheap method becomes very expensive when you have to pay someone to build disavow files and undo the damage to your digital footprint with an unusable follower base that will never engage within your sales or conversion funnel.

I would much rather that an orthopaedic doctor reset my broken bone than a level one first aider. Wouldn't you prefer an educated qualified digital media strategist implement a visibility strategy that is going to have a healthy long term impact on your online growth? so when you have to double or triple your initial budget, you can rest assured that you are saving money in the long term!

The other problem that I encounter frequently is that there are clients that often assume that the work that we do is a simple cut and paste process. The work we do involves a multi skilled team. At Brayve our team includes developers, designers, strategists, analysts and project managers. In any other business would you pay these people seven pounds an hour? Thought not.

The next group of clients are the ones that need a digital repair job. Their sites have been deindexed or have such a low page rank that they are so way down the search rankings that they are virtually invisible. This work involves undoing the negative SEO or at the very least ameliorating it while also building a new digital image. This is cosmetic surgery for the website and would you pay a beautician for a face lift or a cosmetic surgeon. Point made.

Advice to those seeking to make their digital presence matter is this.

  1. Don't buy your online tasks piecemeal. Instruct a strategist that will integrate all your needs in a single project with a long term desirable outcome.
  2. If your budget causes a serious problem, find a strategist that will still deliver the work but over a longer period of time enabling you to get the work done properly enabling you to enjoy the long term effect. Most freelance but reputable strategists will discuss doing a project over a longer term to meet your budgetary needs. You will also find that the tasks are done in the correct order, that will strengthen the foundation of your long term strategy.

Whether you are a corporate business or a small one man business, you can contact the team at Brayve - +44(0)41 959 3767 or use our contact form here.

Ruthie Richards-Hill

Ruthie Richards-Hill

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