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Why your blog should be off page.

Optimising your blog Do you know what it means for your blog to be off page? Many webmasters, especially many that host a wordpress site think it is infinitely more practical to write some copy for a blog ans then post it to a blog section of their website - but is this the best option?

First of all off page means that your blog is hosted somewhere other than your main website. This means that when a visitor is on your page and they choose to view your blog, they will click through to it, where it is hosted elsewhere.

The single greatest reason for doing this is SEO. Im sure youve heard about Googles algorithms and most SEO managers spend huge amounts of time worrying about keyword rankings and the like. It is very important to get your keyword stratgy right, but when theres a neck on neck race with your competitors, its the fine tuning that will determine who comes out on top.

This includes your click through rate as well as the value of the domains that your click throughs are coming from. When the click through is coming from a blog hosted at the same domain as your website, Google recognises this and it usually simply registers as internal link, so the value of the vote is diminished. When you host your website separately from your blog (e.g. on Blogger or Wordpress) Then the click through from your Blog to your website has higher value - dont believe me? Try it for a month.

Its also of less value to provide links from one website to another if they are hosted on the same shared server. Why? Because they share the IP address of the server and again Google sees it as simple link building. Even when the domains are registered to different owners, this can reduce the effect of perfectly legitimate links. To overcome this, We have several dedicated services spread across different providers and while this provides an edge on SEO, it also makes for good security and makes administration tasks easier.

We all know that well developed content that is regularly updated and is relevant to the topic, gets ranked quite quickly. A blog that has a few backlinks from well ranked sources will do much better than one that has hundreds of backlinks from the spam underworld. And in reality its the click through rate thats going to make a difference. When a term is searched, the return that gets the most clicks is the one thats going to stay on the first SERP.

In Summary:

  • To provide an opportunity for better visibility, host the blog separately. 
  • Add quality relevant content daily (Obviously implementing your keyword strategy in the process) Ensure that the snippets and meta tags are up to date and marked up.
  • And of course curate, aggregate, and share, share, share on every relevant platform that will drive the click through rate to the blog.

Please remember this post is about organic strategy. If you want to know how to implement this with a PPC strategy feel free to contact us here

Ruthie Richards-Hill

Ruthie Richards-Hill

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