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5 simple steps to online visibility

online social profilesSmall businesses cannot compete against the huge marketing budgets of the corporates, 
There are however a number of straightforward exercises that even a one man business can implement in order to become visible online. In this post I mention a few of the seemingly obvious methods, however I have seen few posts on the subject that while mentioning these methods, actually make ot patently clear that applying the ALL will produce exponentially better results.

  1. Blog Blogging tells your audience and customer base that you are out there. It also tells them that you are on top of the latest trends. I recommend posting to your blog a minimum  - of once a week, but those that can take twenty minutes out a day to blog between three hundred and fifty and seven hundred words should do so every day. Constant change and updating to your blog will increase the visibility of all your web assets.
  2. Curate - The natural rule of progression would be that once you have blogged , you would like to drive traffic to the blog, and have it read by as many people as possible. It is also no secret that creating hundreds or thousands of backlinks from link farms and dodgy blogs is going to do more harm than good. Our agency uses to curate new online content. It works well with all the big platforms. Provided the curation is properly managed, the immediate exposure is very effective and helps to drive your SERPS.
  3. Be Social - When  buzzfeed continually experiencied penalties from Google and subsequently managed to overcome the hindrance by using Social Media as their primary search and discover mechanism, the new lessons in utilising Social Media for developing visibility kept coming in. Our digital assets make up a supportive framework, so when one asset is weakened for whatever reason, if the others are well constructed and maintained, then web visibility may weaken, but it will not fail. use appropriate Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc to make your brand and products visible.
  4. Share - Sharing happens everywhere, no just at the bottom of a Facebook post. And dont just share your own content. When you start to share quality content that comes from your competitors - their customers will take notie of you too. use your Curation tools and forums to share. Share on Facebook, retweet and engage in LinkedIn groups. Share your own articles as reference when commenting on relevant blogs and quote other industry blog posts to substantiate a point in any of your own posts.
  5. Spend. Whether you spend $10 a day or $100 a day - spend it. On targeted facebook promotion, Google adwords or other PPC programmes, because paid search makes you more visible while you are building your organic presence.
In closing I would make one final point, that I have already mentioned. Dont do this one at a time. DO them all, everyday and as part of a joint effort. Once you have mastered the  process of creating the blog content, curating it, then posting to Social Media, after which you share and then check your paid performance you will discover it will take you no more than 45 minutes a day, infact you may find a way to conveyor belt it in under 30 minutes a day.

Ruthie Richards-Hill

Ruthie Richards-Hill

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