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Four Keystrokes that will save you a lot of grief.

Yes it’s true – four simple keystrokes can save you a lot of grief.

Copyright protection
As a content creator it can become difficult to keep track of your intellectual property, however on occasion you may become aware that someone has been right clicking your images or copying content and using them as their own without consent or outwith the conditions of their licence.

It is a lot harder to enforce your rights to an image or piece of content without that magic © symbol. It’s really simple to put that symbol inside everything that you publish online, whether it’s an image on Flickr, Instagram, Picasa, Tumblr , Facebook or Twitter.

Prevention is better than cure and you don’t want to be staring across a table at your IP lawyer with a blank face when he asks you where you placed your declaration of copyright!
So when you write a piece of valuable content or post an image that you want to protect, the remember these symbol keystrokes – (Holding down the first keystroke) Alt+0169 will provide you with an additional layer of protection when you come to enforcing your digital property rights.

Also remember if you find someone else’s image and you fancy it on your webpage, don’t forget to ask. This creates a sense of goodwill and the content creator may well build a relationship with you that brings fringe benefits much later on. If they say no – then don’t.
Ignore this advice and you may well land up with a letter of demand through your mailbox!

Copyright extends beyond the images/videos/written content that we find online. It can also include the unique design or layout of a particular webpage or the way you use your name for marketing purposes.

Remember to always include a copyright notice on your blog, website and even on material published to Facebook and Twitter as well as the other popular Social Media platforms.

Protect yourself - There are four simple keystrokes – Alt +0169

Ruthie Richards-Hill

Ruthie Richards-Hill

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