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A blog post a day - keeps the debt collector away

A blog post a dayGood bloggers make money. Its that simple. And being good at anything takes practice.

Almost a year ago, a woman that had no idea about internet publishing started a blog under my guidance. I taught her a very basic concept. Do what works and do it consistently.

This week she will have nearly three hundred blog posts, that have been spell checked, SEO optimised, fully copyscaped, curated, socially bookmarked and distributed amongst the major social media channels. A substantial chunk of her posts have been pinned on Pinterest, shared several thousand times on Facebook, and tweeted and retweeted endlessly.

Its important to remember that this woman was an absolute beginner, she knew how to turn her computer on, check her email, write a letter and search the internet.

Initially it took her over an hour to write a 500 word article, check it on copyscape, submit to a curation platform and social bookmarking sites, and schedule her carefully timed social media posts with her content. It now takes about half an hour. Every day.

A year ago she was deep in debt and her outgoings regularly exceeded her income. She was caught in a downward spiral. Based on the income she is currently generating, she is earning around £1800 a month on thirty hours a month. Not a week, PER MONTH.

She didn't make that kind of money immediately, There is no such thing as get rich quick. She simply duplicated a successful method and stuck to it consistently. Her income progressively grew. This time next year her income will have grown even more.

When you blog today, properly optimised posts can and will earn you income for up to two years. Most people get paid once for the work they do, at an hourly rate. You don't get paid for two years for one latte that you made last week-right?

She kept her regular job and built her blog over twelve months. At the end of a year, her annual income will have been supplemented with around £12000 and growing. She kept her day job and simply used her additional income to bring some sanity back to her financial situation.

My message as we approach Black Friday is this: Change one thing. If you can put an hour a day into your life for a year (After learning the skills you require over about a month), This time next year how much more will you have to show for it.

Of course what I do is write a weeks blogs on a Monday and schedule everything over the week using Hootsuite.

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Ruth Richards-Hill

Ruth Richards-Hill

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