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Pennies that turn to pounds - is ppc income really worth it?

making money from pay per clickMaking money from affiliate marketing can be a hairy experience. During high traffic periods -
usually between October and early January, when your pages are properly marketed you will almost certainly hear the sound of the cash register every day.

But what about the quiet times, when the world population is notoriously broke? Well believe it or not, people still look around for what they want to get when they have recovered from the financial season overspend, they still surf the internet and of course the still click.

A lot of advertisers use PPC advertising and this is why you should utilise opportunities such as Adsense in your monetising strategy. Of course Adsense isn't the only PPC provider out there - have a look at Popcash, Propellerads, Popads and as well as Adversal.

This means that during low spend periods you don't have to rely solely on income from affiliate commissions or your own turnover but you can earn income from the traffic that visits your site and clicks. As long as you maintain the strategies to drive traffic to your site, you will continue to get the clicks.

And if you have a mailing list that is serviced  with regular frequency driving those clicks wont be that difficult.

Of course driving clicks for the advertisers on your pages is not only beneficial to you, but to them as well.

You simply have to maintain your strategy in driving traffic to your main web asset - usually a website. As long as the traffic flows consitently so will the clicks.
Ruthie Richards-Hill

Ruthie Richards-Hill

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