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Four things to look for in a digital strategy consultant


How do they integrate ATL and BTL strategy with Digital?

Digital marketing is often considered part of the BTL approach for most businesses although it is rapidly growing into a unique marketing sector. A lot of locally based businesses make the mistake of assuming that digital will fill all the gaps.

While start-ups and small businesses struggle with the cost of advertising in paper publications, there is still plenty of room to integrate, local advertising including radio, local newspapers, mailshots and also events/conferences or roadshows into an overall digital strategy.

There are urban shopping spaces with a footfall of hundreds of thousands of visitors where a visible board advert is affordable even to small one man businesses. Your strategy consultant should know where these opportunities are and how to integrate them into digital.


Every digital strategy consultant should have a USP of their own, after all they’re consulting to help develop one for their client.

Brayve specialise in helping clients integrate available technologies into their bricks and mortar businesses. One of the most successful and radical campaigns we saw was with a client that has used Pokemon Go to increase footfall to their coffee shop using a strategy that integrated the game with shopping experience. From the initial implementation the change in the customer engagement took a steep rise in under a week.

As long as the consultancy has a finger on the pulse of current technological developments and new digital trends they will have the capacity to develop established strategy methods while integrating those current trends to make the customer and their brand stand out. The question to ask is what can you do to attract positive Brand attention that my competitors aren’t already doing? Alternatively, how can you do what my competitors are doing, but improve upon it?


Diversity of experience is an important factor. A strategist that has worked almost entirely in the fashion world may have some difficulty in interpreting the needs of a business in the financial sector.

It also helps to have a look at the variety of clients that the strategist has helped. Digital strategy will be different for the one man business run from home in comparison to the manufacturing enterprise with four hundred employees. This offers insight as to whether the consultant will be able to work within a budget specific to the business in relation to its size, industry and market sector.

Service provision?

What will the strategist do for you? Some consultancies provide a complete assessment, provide a comprehensive strategy document and then recommend service providers, often bringing all the services to the client under one roof. Others will also provide project management and source the service providers for the client and finally there are some strategists that will provide an end to end service delivery.

At Brayve in Glasgow we have provided different strategies including recommending a training strategy for inhouse staff in order to make major campaigns more affordable.

Brayve with offices in Glasgow in the United Kingdom is a digital strategy consultancy. serving the Greater UK with additional base offices in Reading - England and Brecon - Wales, as well as Cape Town South Africa.

Ruth Richards-Hill brings together all the components of a digital strategy from web development, social media management and marketing to SEO, PPC, adwords management, email marketing and campaign development  to produce comprehensive digital strategy for any business from corporate structures to small home businesses.

She can be contacted on her LinkedIn profile by connecting with her or on the main Brayve contacts page
Ruth Richards-Hill

Ruth Richards-Hill

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