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Chrome, SSL and your website SEO - Dont lose your customers

SEO SSL certificateWhile Chrome claims about fifty percent of
global browser use, and is dominant in the western world as the browser of choice, have you thought about how its use impacts on your SEO?

Most good developers will know that on 31st January 2017 a new chrome update would affect all websites that do not have a SSL certificate. If your main URL does not begin with https:// your visitors will see a message that states that their browsing is not private and/or not secure.

If ever there was something to frighten away traffic, its the idea that proceeding to a page is potentially a bad idea. The worlds most used browser could cause a huge drop in traffic simply because your domain no longer meets one of its standard requirements. An SSL certificate.

Of course the larger companies that pay someone to keep their finger on the pulse, wont be worrying about this, mostly because they will have had SSL for a long time already, however it is the smaller enterprises that perhaps pay a developer on a need to basis that will realise that something is amiss once their conversion figures begin to drop.

If you are a small business without an ongoing web maintenance contract, you are most likely to be hit by this update. While the update will improve the security of websurfing many innocent web assets will be affected.

SSL certificates are not difficult to obtain and will usually be available through your hosting provider. However in certain circumstances its possible to obtain SSL certification free through companies such as Cloudflare, although you cant expect comprehensive security provision without at least paying something for it.

We implement SSL certificates, and will also arrange one for you, from as little as £10/$15/€12.

Ruth Richards-Hill is a digital strategy consultant and specialises in developing full digital strategy from web development to online marketing, brand awareness and campaign visibility.

If your audience is seeing warning pages, then feel free to contact Brayve on +44(0)141 9593767 (UK) by email: by mobile +44(0)7480954036 or Skype be_brayve,

Ruth Richards-Hill

Ruth Richards-Hill

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