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Cardiff - Web Strategy here we come

Cardiff Digital Strategy

Cardiff has become home to our new Digital Strategy office, I'm pleased to say. Located in a
reasonably plush office at the docks, Brayve will now be servicing our South Wales clients from this office.
Web designers in Cardiff

From March 2017, we will be available to make weekday appointments anywhere in Wales from Llandrindod Wells southward and will provide services to Cardiff, Swansea, Pembroke inclusively.

Our core market is the small business and home office businesses both in the Cities and in Rural Wales, providing website solutions and support for businesses where internet connection is poor or unavailable.

We also provide training in Social Media management and marketing and support for agency staff looking to achieve a Google Adwords and/or Analytics qualification, as our new preises have a really fabulous training suite.

With Digital Strategy at the heart of our business, we will be enabling businesses with small budgets to enter the online world and still be able to compete for visibility. 

David and Goliath

We have a unique David and Goliath approach to empowering business owners that feel overwhelmed by the financial and technological power that their corporate competitors enjoy. Helping with subtle changes in something apparently non digital such as their USP or how a service or product is delivered is often key to what gives the smaller business the edge.

Complexity does not necessarily mean better and often we take a simple approach to crack a bigger problem, particularly when it comes to competing online for visibility. Corporates have bulky decision making channels, whereas a small business can alter critical decisions in a day or two, giving them edge when it comes to leveraging current online trends. Something which the #POTUS is dishing opportunity for on most days since his inauguration.

We hope that our out of the box thinking and our unique creative methods that involve combining both virtual and real world strategies will bring a breath of fresh air to the Welsh digital market.

Any enquiries can be made to:

Ruth Richards-Hill by call her on her mobile +44(0)7484814539. 
You can contact the Cardiff team on +44(0)7511 991996
Our Reading and English Team can be contacted on +44)7480954036

Ruth Richards-Hill

Ruth Richards-Hill

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