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How to order Web Copy from your copywriter

Web copy CardiffProducing web copy is a specialist skill, much in the same way that writing code is to design a
website. For the copywriter only half the job is coming up with the ideas for the content. An experienced copywriter will know how to research a topic quickly. The really hard part is ensuring that the writer understands the instructions that they have received. More so it is important they have been given the correct information.

Different Copywriters will require different kinds of information before they can start. A list of what to provide them follows:

The URL to which the copy will be posted.

If the copywriter can see the existing website where the copy will be hosted its an invaluable resource for them. It provides an insight into style and the culture of the organisation that they are writing for. If the exact URL where the copy is to be posted is known, then that will enable the copywriter to prepare the title and opening paragraphs in a way that SEO is completely utilised.

The keywords that are wanted

Good copywriters know about keyword density and keyword stuffing. They will know how to avoid it and how to ensure that the placement of the keywords is just right. When they are provided with the keywords that you want the content to rank for they can do a little research to see what they're competing against. Don't be surprised if the keywords are highly competitive that the writer comes back with some alternative suggestions.

Outbound and Internal links

Quite often there will be specific links that you will want to have used in the copy. It is important to ensure that these are high quality links and are relevant to the copy being produced. Internal links are good for the website because they provide a source of continuity for search engines, when they crawl the site. It shows that the site has specific relevant content. Your copywriter will need these to improve the SEO of your page. If you dnt provide these, either your page will lose ranking potential or your copywriter will insert links from their own research.

Length of the copy

Any copy less than 300 words is not going to be worth much. This is the law of Search Engine returns. There are some exceptions. Reviews and comments are sometimes searched too and will come up in search engine returns if they are especially relevant. Copy as long as 2000 words can provide excellent returns, although it will have to be written to keep the reader hooked.

On average web copy in the form of posts and articles is between 500 and 1500 words long. There is always the risk that if you ask for copy with more words, it'll simply come back to you filled with adjectives, adverbs and prepositions, which does not increase the SEO value of the content.

Ask for it to be plagiarism checked

If you're paying a premium for web copy then you'll want to be sure that it hasn't simply been cut and pasted from another website. When ordering copy ask for a copy of the Copyscape result to be sent with the copy. When Brayve provides this, it comes as a Screenshot with the time and date visible.

Remember that a copywriter is good at what they do, but unless they know a little about you and the style they will need to write in, they cannot use the tools that you give them.

Be sure to establish who holds the copyright. A lot of of copy is ghost written. Brayve provides a high quality ghost written web copy service. Even when it is ghost written the original writer may retain the copyright. Agree about this right at the beginning. We often sell the copyright together with the article but retain accreditation.  What this means is that although we write it and the client may publish it under any name they choose, we can still showcase this as an example of our work.

We provide Web copy services globally from our three offices in Cardiff, Glasgow and Reading.

If you would like a no obligation chat about ordering web copy for your agency or for your own website then please contact us here,

Ruth Richards-Hill

Ruth Richards-Hill

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