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Voice activated software - how it makes SEO easier

SEO copywritingWithout voice activated software, I would not be able to do my job. I use a proprietary software
called Dragon. Dragon is developed by a company called Nuance although it has a long and colourful history. The existence of Dragon for Professionals means that I can provide my clients with the best SEO services possible.

Dragon is often looked upon as a voice activated dictation software, and if this were the case it would not really be that remarkable. But, this magic piece of code does far more than dictate letters. because of Dragon I can develop code, read and respond to emails, make a phone call using my PC, surf the net and everything else most people would use a mouse or a keyboard to do.

This mystical Dragon has made me employable. While my brain is perfectly agile there are parts of me that don't work to order so well. So between my voice box and the Dragon naturally speaking, I am able to deliver exemplary copywriting work to many clients  that don't even know that I "supposedly" have limitations. I am not sure how many people out there do their grocery shopping using only their voice. But there are probably a few more that will use their voice to check and respond to email.

I love Dragon so much because I can use it on multiple devices. I use it on my laptop, my desktop, my phone and my tablet. It works everywhere and anytime. I can do work when I'm on the hop and can dictate into my phone while I'm travelling. A car journey no longer has to mean a loss of productivity. As I write for the web, I need to do buckets of research and this nifty piece of software can be used on a rain, in a car and in the local coffee shop.

I am sure that this means that I can often work faster than others that compete with me for the work slots, but that makes a change doesn't it? And the software is available to anyone who is willing to do a little practice.

Voice activated software, works as a dictation tool not only for those of us that have physical challenges. Think of lawyers that have huge amounts of correspondence and paperwork to get through. Medical managers can hack their way through medical reports in  no time at all. I don't need to make the argument for IT workers since I am one.

If you're hunting for someone to produce your SEO copywriting and you'd like speedy delivery, then perhaps you should ask your copywriter what software they use to get the job done.

Ruth Richards-Hill

Ruth Richards-Hill

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