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Simple steps to improving your SEO

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Everybody wants to be on the first page of Google. Thing is, not everybody gets it, when it comes to SEO. It doesn't have to be rocket science. One of the core bylines that I use when teaching is that the way to learn about SEO the fastest is to duplicate the successful folk do.


When your business or organisation starts to generate reviews, the more reviews you have the more attention that its going to generate. Google's algorithms pick this up. So how can you make sure that those reviews really pay off and improve your SEO? Asking your customers for reviews is the one of the best things you can do. make sure they have plenty of opportunities to provide reviews. Send them to your Facebook page, Trustpilot, Tripadvisor and of course the holy grail - Google reviews. You can register your business on Yelp too. Every space where people can leave feedback will boost your visibility.

Google Business

Assuming you already have a Google+ page, next create a Google Business profile. By setting up a Google Business profile, you will also make your business visible on Google maps, which of course is excellent for mobile and local SEO. This is probably one of the most important things you can do  to gain the edge on your competitors in mobile SEO. By embedding a Google map in your Mobile responsive website you will be screaming your location at the search engines. 


Relevant content is considered to be the single greatest driver to visibility on the search engine return pages. While written content is certainly the dominant factor in content creation, there are other forms of content that are regularly overlooked. Video content ranks highly on Google. When it is relevant and of good quality, video content will boost your visibility substantially. It doesn't have to be long either. As long as it grabs the attention of your audience your video content will give you an SEO boost that your competitors will struggle to match if they're not in the know. A video that last one or two minutes will make all the difference.

Images are crucial to enhance any written content and will give you preference above other written content with the same value. As long as the images are correctly tagged with the Alt attributes and provided with titles, Google will love them.

Then there are other ways to engage with your audience. using polls and quizzes to gauge their interest in your product line is another way to go.
Mixing and matching your content will provide even better results. making an excellent video and hosting it on YouTube or Vimeo


Despite the poo pooing of many SEO onlookers, back links remain the holy grail of SEO. Links however need to be of good value, The bots that report back and assign value to the pages they crawl, will explore relevance. As long as the referring page holds relevance to the linked page there will be value in the link. The higher the referring page is ranked by Google, the more value the referring link has. Linking has become a bit of a science.This is why education links are considered so exceptionally valuable. When an education page that covers finance links to an external page covering the topic, both pages gain kudos. The golden rule of course is that spam linking is a no-no. This is picked up quickly and can relegate a page to the realm of the penalised or even worse the de-indexed.


More search takes place on mobile devices globally than on desktops or even laptops. There has been a lot of debate as to when mobile search overtook desktop search since it has effectively happened by stealth. Countries with smaller broadband provision came first, particularly those in Africa. The fact is that it is now a global phenomenon. If your website and other web assets are not mobile responsive then you're going to lose out. Google now prioritises web pages that are responsive to mobile devices. So even if every other aspect of your setup is topnotch, you could lose out to a competitor that has had the savvy to ensure that they are visible on mobile. Don't get caught napping as the technology moves on.

Build up your assets

A great Website with over 150 content pages is the ideal springboard. It is however critical to have off page assets. Facebook and twitter may be social platforms, but they do a lot of other things too. Social Media used properly is a fantastic way to communicate with your customers. it also means  that you can monitor feedback and see what your your competition are doing.Used proactively these assets add to your brand image. But social media also sends your followers and customers to other pages that support you and will provide those increasingly important back links.

Remember to contribute to discussions that cover your area of business on LinkedIn and by maintaining a constant flow of fresh content you will drive more people to your website by using off page resources.

Never underestimate the value of off page resources.

There are multiple aspects to SEO not mentioned here such as improving page load speed, techinical alterations such as minifying CSS and ensuring all the broken links are sorted out. This short article has been written to provide a starting point.#

If you would like a thorough SEO check, please feel free to contact us at Brayve and we'll be delighted to help
Ruth Richards-Hill

Ruth Richards-Hill

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