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Getting ahead in the voice search race for top SEO

With the rapid growth in voice activated technology, more developers are beginning to understand the importance of optimising for voice search. As Alexa and Google mini have now surpassed novelty status and become a regular home management tool, voice recognition has entered our lives to stay. Combined with voice search such as Cortana,Siri and Voice search in Chrome, those that are staying ahead of the game have already established how to optimise for search.

Voice search is different

Voice search with Google home assistant
People speak to their voice activated devices, much in the same way that  they speak to each other. The natural course of conversation and enquiry in human interaction is how voice search will develop. Sometimes we forget  that we teach the machines. Everything that we put into the internet and everything we take out is done by us. And so the internet is in the infancy of voice search. As we use voice search, the search engines learn to speak as we do.

Keyword research

To optimise for voice search we need to create content as though we are replying to all the conversations that our target market are having with their devices.  It may take some time to work but there are already excellent starting points, even for the beginners. The larger online journals such as search engine watch have excellent resources to get you going.

Voice search is the future

Voice search is certainly a rapid development that will become the norm in a few short years. Don't get so lost in the rush to optimise that you forget that other search is still important too. Understand that we are in transition, not quite on the other side yet. Don't drop the local search, keyword bidding and long tail keywords. long tail keywords in the form of enquiries are especially important.

Tip for the future

Most voice search enquiries involve a question. Identify the types of enquiries that are most relevant to your content and build a FAQ section and/or knowledge base that leaves your competition wondering what happened. You may not be at the top of search right now, but as you build your enquiry database you will leave the competition behind.

Come back as we offer more insights into this as we grow in the voice search revolution. Come grow with us.

Ruth Richards-Hill

Ruth Richards-Hill

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