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Negative Reputation

how to get rid of bad reviewsIt happens to a lot of people. It could be anything from a nude photo that was posted by an ex partner,
to a really scathing business review. Fake profiles make up a substantial number of the calls we get and then there is also cyber bullying.

In some instances it could be bad press. We have processed several applications under the right to be forgotten and have advised on combatting negative digital footprint. Sensationalist newspaper articles come back to haunt people decades after they were printed and often most of the article is written based on hearsay.

Every situation is different, There is no straightforward conveyor belt solution. Our experience enables us to help each client take the appropriate action in relation to their particular problem. We also assist Solicitors in obaining necessary evidence when the has been online victimisation.

We can assist with obtaining IP addresses and identify proxys. Sometimes we are asked to trace the path of an anonymous email.

For more information or to arrange a consultation you can contact Ruth RichardsHill at Brayve.

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